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Hair Dieting 101

The old adage "you are what you eat" has never been truer than in the sense of your hair. The following vitamin-rich, nutrient-dense foods are worth adding into your dietary...

How-To Achieve Amy Adams' Lust-Worthy Locks

Eternally elegant styles always reign on the red carpet -- trends are fleeting, but styles such as this one that evoke true old Hollywood glamour will always turn heads. We fell in...

The Power of Our Handmade Quality

RAINCRY brushes are proof that ‘green’ products can produce the same, high-powered, consistent results as the other products in your cabinet that may not have as honest of origins. RAINCRY...

Get Schooled

Don’t let your hair be put in detention! Follow our trusty tips so back to school fever doesn’t get your tresses in a tangle. Bigger Is Better! For extreme curl...


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