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Breaking It Down... How To Use The RAINCRY Volume Brush

Whether you frequent a blow-dry bar or just relish in the feeling of your post cut & color blowout, it's time to be able to consistently replicate such lust-worthy styles at home for yourself. Just as modern women have mastered the arts of applying makeup a la the contouring craze, self-tanning sans booths or beds, and even the at-home gel manicure, the time has come for hair to also be treated like a salon VIP, every single day.

Whether you're getting ready for a dinner party, a date, a black tie function, or even a daytime fête such as brunch, our Volume Brush Collection breathes new life into your hair, bridging the gap between special occasion and every day. The end look? Voluminous locks that exude effortless glamour; you will still look and feel like yourself, not at all outlandish, but just the epitome of polished, timeless beauty.

Breaking Down The Brush: Our exclusive brush design infuses synthetic bristles with a metal/thermal brush to heat your hair quickly, which is what creates our lasting volume. We also chose synthetic bristles for their proven ability to remove excess product and oil from your hair, as this ultimately is what enhances your volume and stops it from being weighed down.  

The Technique:
    1.  Start at the nape of your neck
    2.  Take sections the same width as your brush
    3.  Determine your hair texture, and then determine how much heat is needed
    4.  Place your brush under the chosen section (at the roots) and heat the hair at the              root area until dry
    5.  Pull the brush upwards & away from your shoulders, drying the mid-shaft while still          pulling away from your shoulders
    6.  Twirl the ends like “spaghetti” to achieve a great finish
    7.  Be sure to allow each section to fully cool before moving on to next section;                      without doing this, you will have a difficult time getting your style to last


Post your finished styles to Instagram and tag us @RAINCRYBeauty with #RAINCRY. We'd love to see the styles you create!


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