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Why Our Root Boar Bristles Are A Cut Above...

Typically, round brushes are made using the ends of the bristle... we take it to the root -- supremely high-quality materials that produce incredible results is the only RAINCRY way.

Using the root, which is the strongest part of the bristle, allows for the hair to be smoothly penetrated, sans a crimping effect. Gone are the fears of unnecessary tangles and unfortunate breakage; root boar bristles even prevent unwanted hair loss while promoting hair growth. Normally, oily hair weighs itself down, but RAINCRY Smooth Brushes have been specifically engineered to have a cleansing effect on your locks by evenly redistributing your hair’s natural oils throughout to add shine.

The exclusive RAINCRY spiral design takes it a step further, giving our brushes the incredible power to decrease your blow-drying time, thanks to the spiral arrangement of our bristles. This exclusive design creates a decreased surface area, which allows for less time spent drying your hair.  Using RAINCRY, you’ll not only have the luxury of time saved, but your and/or your clients’ locks will also have significantly less exposure to heat, leading to healthier hair overall. Our root boar bristles make it possible to skip extra heat tools and styling products and still achieve the smoothest, most radiant, frizz-free blowout, every single time.

RAINCRY believes in consciously crafted beauty, simplifying the process of consistently creating stunning styles at home or in the salon, all with less time spent and less exposure to heat. Learn more about the benefits of going root boar when you click HERE.


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