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Get Schooled

Don’t let your hair be put in detention!

Follow our trusty tips so back to school fever doesn’t get your tresses in a tangle.

Bigger Is Better!

For extreme curl that you thought you could only achieve with a curling iron, reach for RAINCRY’s Volume Brushes.

What they do: The exclusive RAINCRY magnesium-alloy efficiently redistributes heat from your blow-dryer to make hair its most voluminous, with long-lasting curls that pass the test of even the most discerning celebrity stylists. Whatever water content has remained in the hair once drying has begun is utilized to mold the hair into the shape of the brush, creating a lasting, hot roller-like effect. Our premium nylon bristles then work to seamlessly glide through the hair,  while reducing static electricity and preventing snagging and ripping of the hair follicles. Bigger hair and bigger curls, sans breakage.

Smooth It Out!

For silky smooth locks without using any wet products, reach for RAINCRY’s Smooth Brushes.

What they do: The highest-quality available root boar bristles penetrate hair smoothly, redistributing natural oils to provide shine and lusciously smooth strands. Bid adieu to snagging and breakage -- frizz-free locks are your new go-to.

What will you learn with the extra 20 minutes you save when you blow-dry with RAINCRY?


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