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How-To Achieve Amy Adams' Lust-Worthy Locks

Eternally elegant styles always reign on the red carpet -- trends are fleeting, but styles such as this one that evoke true old Hollywood glamour will always turn heads.

We fell in love when we saw Amy Adams' stunning, perfectly waved look. Read on for RAINCRY Founder and Stylist Feisal Qureshi's step-by-steps on how to achieve this style... 

  1. Reach for our Volume Brush, in the size that best corresponds to the length of your hair.    
  2. Heat your brush and wrap your section, starting at the ends.  
  3. Slowly wind towards your scalp, making sure that you dry the hair completely on the brush before continuing to wind.  
  4. When you reach your scalp, wait a few moments for your hair to cool.  
  5. Be sure to unwind in exactly the same direction --otherwise, you run the risk of tangling.  
  6. Brush the section from roots to end to create smooth, finger waves. 

(Image via

See our Volume Brush in action creating curling-iron worthy curls below...

Video via Sandra Andersson of Proffs & Lärling (


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